Antique Oris Pendant Watch

Antique Oris Pendant Watch

This is a beautiful little watch, made back when things were not so mass produced. This Oris watch was made in Switzerland, from the research I have done, I believe it to be made in the 1930's. The Oris watch company is a well respected watch maker, known for attention to details.

This watch is black enamel with hand painted roses,(my pictures do not do it justice) It is a mechanical watch, no batteries,but I wond the watch and nothing happened, so I don't believe it works thats why I am selling it so cheap.

This watch has seven jewels,Swiss movement,anti-shock alot of neat stuff for such a little package,only about two inches in diameter.

The watch comes with a watch chain, which is a nickel silver color and 13 inches long. It would make a perfect addition to someones collection.

Thanks for looking