Antique Ornate White Family Rotary Sewing Machine Head

White Family Rotary


Awesome Graphics and Color

1905 Patent - ANTIQUE

ITEM INFO: Just in from a local Midwestern Wisconsin Estate auction is this Rare Antique White Sewing machine! These early models are hard to find in this condition and this one is very clean and beautifully adorned in graphics and color. This one was protected inside an old treadle base cabinet, but the cabinet had seen its better days. It did its job protecting this great sewing head though. Its rotation is smooth, but I'm sure will need some fine tuning and lubing before using. So this is one to add to the collection! Its instruction book has no date, but is complete and covers the machine head, its rotary shuttle, and its original "No. 35 Automatic Lift WHITE Sewing Base". This one was designed to be used with a treadle base as it has the lether belt drive pulley on the hand wheel. It also comes with its original attachments in their metal box, which are in the photos. Most have a patent date of "JULY 7-91", while the other larger two say "Griest". T are also 3 spare bobbins. Looks like a well used machine, but also a well cared for unit. The photos really say it best (and we took a lot of them for you), so view them closely and carefully. This is a very nice, rare and useful item for a good price, so don’t
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