Antique Pair Large Theater Art Deco Slip Shade Sconce Light Floral 12.5"

I am pleased to offer to you a wonderful pair of shades that are theater size and quality for a pair of Art Deco sconces. THIS AUCTION IS FOR A PAIR OF SLIP SHADES ONLY SO THAT THERE IS NO CONFUSION. These shades are 12 1/2" long and tapper from 8" down to just under 2" at the tip. Both shades are in great shape and frosted with floral and geometric design. The tabs and thickness are very good on these shades and each is crack and repair free. I can find no chips in the body of each shade and there is just a small tiny flea bite on the edge and on the tab. Very minor and these usually have just a couple from age. I mention for clarity and that everyone knows. Again, these are great shades that "POP" when you hold them to the light and these will make an outstanding shade for your fixtures. Please make sure that you see my other auctions and know that I will be listing more items from my recent estate. Please keep it here and see why more people are saying they had a great antique-experience !!!