Antique Parker Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, 1894-1910

This is a gold filled Parker fountain pen and pencil combo set dated between 1894 and 1910.

This is an old Parker fountain pen and pencil set that belonged to my grandfather who passed away in 1949.

I found this set in the bottom of my grandmother's jewelry box. I would guess that it probably hasn't

been used in over 50 years.

Both the pen and pencil are gold filled and engine turned.

The fountain pen is 3 1/2" long and is stamped "Parker Fountain Pen Gold Filled Patented."

The nib is marked "Parker Lucky Curve Pen." The pen has some shoulder pitting near the nib.

The pencil is 3 1/8" ring top. It is stamped "Parker Patent Pending, made in the USA."

The pencil is gold filled and has some wear on the barrel ring.

These originally must have been worn on a chain because t is a gold ring top on each.