This Antique Parlor Sofa/Love Seat is in really good condition... Many of the brass upholstery 'tacks' are somewhat tarnished, and it has a small crack in the wood on the back. The wood also has a few small 'dings' in it, nothing bad...

It looks really good still, and it's exceptionally clean... especially considering that it is nearly 130 years old.. and it IS solid/usable, you CAN sit on it.

It is from the famous 'Hansen House' Mansion in Butte, Montana. It was made in the 1880's... possibly even earlier?? It's possible that it might be able to be seen in old photographs of the place.

It has been taken REALLY good care of in my grandmother's house for.... 50+ years..

It is my understanding that the sofa covering was redone at some distant point... pre 1960. It was redone in the original style and material. I am not sure exactly what this style is called.. If you know, I'd love to hear... thanks..

It's not a very heavy piece... and is exceptionally easy to move actually seems really light..

It's dimensions are: The back is approx. 3 ft. tall, it is approx. 44" long, and it is about 23" wide in the seat area..

Also, I have the perfect shipping boxes and materials.. so it WILL be safe and secure...

It really is a nice piece... It's cute!!

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