Antique Paver Brick from Southern Clay Manfr Co. of TN

I have antique pavers for sale for $12.50 each. If you want more than 20,I'll charge $10 per paver, and if you buy 200, I will charge $8.50 perpaver. These are very large road pavers from Southern Clay and Manf. Co. (see below) from between 1890 and around 1930. They are amazing for landscaping, driveways, et cetera. These are just a few random ones- some are better, some are more worn. Shades vary a few degrees, too. Let me know what you want, and I will try to accommodate.
In 1902 The Tennessee Paving Brick Company sold its Robbins operation to the Southern Clay Manufacturing Company of Jersey City, New Jersey. This was the same year that the community of Robbins, Tennessee was granted a town charter. Southern Clay Manufacturing imported and applied mass production machinery and techniques to the clay products industry at Robbins. The Robbins plant then began to produce and sell SCM paving bricks, fire and chemical bricks, clay sewer pipe, various construction bricks, and square-2,6, and 9-sectioned telephone line conduit.
The plant was originally powered by steam but in 1925 this system was replaced by diesel engines. Production, which had formerly been at about 3,000 bricks per day rose tremendously. By 1933 at the peak of operation production figures were 80,000 bricks per day, or 50 tons of
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