Antique Personalized 19th Century Wood Inlay With Horsehair Wardrobe Brush

For auction- a beautiful wood inlay grooming/wardrobe brush.

Inlay dated 1892 with initials MJ

There appears to be 3 different types of wood, the brush itself looks like oak but I am not certain

The brush is 8" long, 2 1/2" wide at it's widest and stands 1 3/4" high

The brush also has date and initials in it, again I am guessing but the bristles feel like horse hair but not 100% certain

Condition-The brush is very solid. There is a small missing piece of veneer on the top. The top has small brass screws along the sides of the top is very secure. Also due to age there is a little warping in the veneer on the top of the brush. Please see photos, I tried to take pictures of the entire piece so you can see its minor imperfections. It is still solid enough to go another 100 years! �

Great patina and wood inlay on the top, really glows when oiled a little.

I did the best I could to photograph but I am not an expert so please ask questions.

Thank you for looking and !