antique pewter tea-set, Kut Hing, Chinese

This 5 piece Chinese pewter tea and coffee set made by Kut Hing of Swatow during the second half of the 1800s or perhaps even early 1900s. The quality of workmanship on this pewter is absolutely superb, as good as you'll find anywhere in this particular maker I believe made the best pewter in all of China.
The set includes a 13inch diameter tray; a 7inch tall coffee pot; a 5 inches tall tea pot; 4 1/2inches tall sugar bowl and milk jug.
The set is in very good condition: Each piece is completely hand engraved with ornate flowers, birds, butterflies and dragons which encircle the centre portion of each piece. The teapot has two dragons on the main part of the body, the handles on on the sugar bowl and creamer have a fantastic vine and leaf design wrapping around them and the bird-head spout of the teapot has a wonderful face decoration, the lower part of the teapot spout has a wonderful three-dimensional face and the designs are extremely crisp, The teapot even has its original built-in strainer, these are usually lost and almost never with their original sets, however the hinge on the coffee pot is damaged and the sugar bowl does have a couple of dents in the body.
The underside of each piece is marked with Chinese characters as well as Kut Hing, pewter and Swatow. In addition the underside of each of the three lids
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