Antique Photo Album picture photograph auto baby buggy

This is just one of the neatest and most interesting antique photo albums that I have ever seen. The pictures are what make this so interesting and intriguing. The outside is just a simple brown cover, nothing embossed and nothing fancy, but, the inside is a true treasure. I counted them and t are 165 photographs in this book. I have owned this book for many years and I hate to part with it, but, it is time for me to pass it off to someone else who will enjoy it. Whomever owned this album originally certainly had an eye for photography. Most old albums are just group and grin type pictures, but, these are just a really interesting look into someone's life who lived long ago. I am selling this wonderful album at NO RESERVE. Thanks for looking. Keep in mind that what looks like a glare on the photos is due to MY poor photography.