Antique Photo Print Block - 20s/30s Sports - Hunk w/ Globe Barbells - Gay Int.


Many years ago I bought a collection of print blocks which had been owned and used by ca. 1920's/early 1930's "muscle magazines". Two magazines in which some of my blocks apparently were used were “The Arena” and “The Arena And Strength”. Each is a wooden block with a copper plate attached via tiny nails/brads, bearing a photographic image of a bodybuilder and/or athlete or of a piece of sports equipment. This auction is for one of those print blocks, described hereinbelow. I'm not sure of the correct name for the printing technique in which these blocks were used. I've seen it referred to as "letterpress", but I'm not sure. Perhaps you know. I find these little guys' and gals’ images to be quite striking. The wood blocks appear to be very hard/dense. I've been told that they may be maple, but I'm not sure.

These are originals -- not reproductions. Truly one-of-a-kind images. Terrific for resale, for display, to shadowbox, to stand on a shelf, to inspire the athlete in YOUR life.


Item PB 097: The item being sold in this auction is a copper–faced print block showing a highly-muscled young man in profile. Apparently using some sort of a small floor stand, he supports himself by his arms in a pike position. Is he holding small globe barbells? I think so. Please see pictures.
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