ANTIQUE PICK + Vintage Hohner Chromatic Blues Harp Marine Band Harmonica Ad

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One of a kind

Bright, Liquid Smooth & Finely Polished

Antique 1940's Sterling Silver on Brass Pick

featuring ornate old-world scroll style design

and polished mirror-like finish

( amazing tone and attack + sounds like a million bucks! + lots of age and character )

The design on this pick is raised and provides an excellent grip (and attack!)
This pick is approx 27mm x 33mm x .7mm
( a standard size guitar pick )
This pick is hand-honed from 1940's antique sterling silver on brass. The result is an extremely durable plectrum
featuring liquid-smooth beveled edges that do not promote string wear, and create a unique attack and tonal palette.
Just like a painter of fine art uses many brushes to create visual masterpieces,
every guitarist should have a variety of picks in which to create their own aural masterpieces.
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