Antique pocket watch, H Samuel "Acme Lever" Buren 1919 silver pocket watch

An antique H Samuel 1919 silver pocket watch.

The watch has a stem-winding movement which is ticking away nicely and the time keeping is within around 2 - 3 � minutes over a 24 hour period. � The jewelled movement is stamped Buren, 10 jewels, Swiss made. The winding stem

The watch measures 50.5mm diameter excluding the winding stem and the loop. � The case is silver and has London import marks for 1919 with the importers mark HS (H Samuel). � The inner case is inscribed To George from Topsy April 1921. The dust cover is stamped "Acme Lever" Exposed winding wheels non magnetic warranted. � The case has light denting and wear to the back and otherwise it is in nice condition.

The watch lens is plastic and is in nice condition with only the odd minor mark.

The dial is signed "Acme Lever" H.Samuel Manchester with Swiss made at the bottom. The dial has faint hairline cracks to the bottom and otherwise it is in nice condition. � The watch has its original hands.


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