Antique Porcelain French Mantel Clock, signed "Petit


Exceptional French Painted Porcelain and China Clock. It is so elegant and beautiful.

(First of all I have very minimum knowledge of antique clocks, so below is everything I can understand from the physical clock itself).

I really tried to take pictures that would help you.

I do not know if it works, and do not wish to try.

I do not know the age. It is old. But it has been a cherished possession.

The beautiful porcelain piece of the couple in the garden is excellent condition. It is signed "Petit".

The face, which I also think is porcelain, is excellent. On the bottom it states "Portland, Me." and the top, I don't know. It looks like a W and maybe a 10 letter word ending in "er & Co".

The decoration, seen in one photograph, is heavy gold in relief, floral and leaf decoration, and is on the front, on the top, on both sides and on the back w it states, in gold, "Made in France".

T is a lot of rich heavy metal appointments all over the clock, including the feet, in gold.

The case is a lovely pink. No damage.

Bevelled bezel, framed.

The pendulum is heavy brass and has a number on it. 6070, or could be 8070. 6 inches long.

T are three keys, two big ones and a
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