Antique Porcelain NANTUCKET Old Mill Creamer - Phebe E. Clisby Made in Germany

Found at an estate auction: this extremely rare porcelain creamer made around 1880-1900. This little
creamer was commissioned and imported from GERMANY by Phebe E. Clisby (1845-1908), who ran a
small store at 8 Centre Street on Nantucket selling collectibles, tourist souvenirs, books, etc. This item
features Nantucket's "O ld Mill" that was built in 1746, and done in a blue and white Delft style.
Condition is flawless, looks brand new, amazing. On the bottom: Made in Germany, Phebe E. Clisby,
Nantucket, Mass.
3" tall, 2" across the rim.
This from the internet:
In the late 1800's a number of women owned shops on Centre Street on Nantucket Island and the block became known as Petticoat Row. One of the best known merchants of the time was Phebe E. Clisby as she had many items made for her store specially for the tourist trade in Germany in the 1870-1890 period. This was made especially for her store and now a very collectible piece of Nantucket memorabilia. Marked on the bottom: Made in Germany Phebe E. Clisby Nantucket, Mass.