Antique Porcelain "Standard" Plumbing Shower Escutcheon/Trim Plate

Awesome octagon Art Deco a ntique porcelain 'Standard" plumbing shower escutcheon/trim plate!
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Most importantly - Please choose items carefully as all of our sales are "AS-IS" and FINAL. Due to the second hand nature of our pieces we do not offer returns or exchanges of any kind. If you have inquiries, please reference our vintage condition information below and, if you still have questions, contact us before you make your purchase! We can usually respond within one business day. Our office hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm. You are also welcome to call our showroom Tuesday -Sunday 10am-6pm at .
Vintage Condition: At Old Portland we appreciate the unique aspects of everything old. The rust spots on antique tools, discoloration on the page of a document or print, the small bubbles that naturally occurred in early glass - to us it is all part of the charm of the past. The vast majority of our products are over ninety years old! and, as such, show a little wear. We work hard to disclose damage that may compromise an item such as chips in a slipper shade or excessive mildew in an antique book. We don't however make a point of a natural patina (unless it is really, really beautiful!)
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