Antique Pottery PIE BIRD DUCK Vintage RARE Primitive





Offering for auction is a truly rare item, a antique, authentic, pie duck, pie cooler, most commonly referred to as a pie bird. Two reasons making this a rare find, first its true antique age, second, it being a duck. Having a gloss finish, predominantly colored bright yellow, secondary color of brownish tan is found on the feathers for accent, along base, and top of head. Eyes and beak markings are a deep bluish green color. A tight crazing can be found in the glaze, tight and soft, only in certain areas, and too faint to show up in pictures. The gloss glaze continues inside the piece as well, as the yellow color goes into the mouth as far as can be seen. This is one of those pieces that just holding it in your hand you can tell it is very very old. Thank-you.

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