ANTIQUE PRAYER BOOK Daily Devotions~Renowned Authors~SPRINGFIELD MA 1811 RARE

GENUINELY SCARCE, FIRST AMERICAN EDITION "A COLLECTION OF FAMILY PRAYERS, WITH VARIOUS OCCASIONAL FORMS FROM THE DEVOTIONAL WRITINGS OF SUNDRY AUTHORS" COLLECTED AND REVISED BY SAMUEL PALMER, PUBLISHED IN SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS BY THOMAS DICKMAN, 1811. We searched world wide and found this important historical work in 2 libraries with the 1811, First American Edition date. First edition thus as these family prayers were selected and revised by Samuel Palmer and originally printed in London . "Now Abridged And Recommended For The Use Of Families, By A Committee Of The Southern Association Of Ministers In The County Of Hampshire, and Printed in Springfield, Mass." Hampshire County is located in New England, in Western Massachusetts, as is Springfield, Mass. Numerous ecclesiastical writers contributed to this collection of "forms" as the author used that word interchangeably for "prayers"; the kind of prayers that one would recite daily with their family. Palmer did not discourage the use of ex temporary prayer however he felt that there were some serious people, who were destitute of the gift of devotion on a daily basis and this type "had better use these forms, then omit the duty."Also many heads of families could use the assistance of using well composed forms or prayers. "Those contained in the following collection are esteemed ... read more