Antique (Pre 1870) Cast Iron #8 Griddle - Rare & Exclnt

Up for your consideration is a very, very nice Antique Cast Iron Griddle. In pict #2 you can see the "Gateway Marks" that indicate pre 1870 manufacture. This is an intricate casting with 2 handles (one has #8 cast into it) - a pouring lip - a raised rim - a shelf and then sides narrowing to the flat cooking area. It also has a #8 stamped into the base (pict #7), but it is hard to see clearly. There are no manufacture's mark and I have been unable to find another to compare with so I don't know the maker. The Griddle has been cleaned with electrolysis and reseasoned. The Griddle is 22 5/8" long from tip of one handle to the other - 9 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" deep. This Griddle has no issues - no cracks, no damage, no rust, no warping - it sits perfectly flat. If anyone knows who the maker is please share the information - this Griddle came from a long gone plantation in SC. If you have any questions just ask. Please check my feedback and . Thanks for looking.