Antique Primitive HandMade Miniature Wooden Seed Sifter

Here we have a INCREDIBLY RARE & UNIQUE ~ One Of A Kind ~ Hand Made ~ Antique ~ MINIATURE ~ Primitive, Wooden, Seed Sifter. This item was acquired from a large ANTIQUE basket collection. It is that of the shaker style. Acquired at a small antique store outside of SEDONA, Arizona. The store owner gave me the info she was told when the miniature was bought. Believed to be a seed/herbal sifter used primarily for making medicines. As you can see in the pictures the mid section of the piece there are pine needles that have been braided going around the entire sifter that is held down with sinew. There are very small, square, rounded shaped copper nails holding the handcrafted miniature together, that have now turned green from years gone by. The wood that was used has a beautiful, all natural patina that has NOT BEEN DOCTORED TO DECIEVE. The piece of material that is used to sift thru is all hand woven as well and looks to be made of some kind of natural fiber. You can see that whatever it's purpose may have been, there are signs of heavy usage. The wooden frame has stood the test of time and has no damage and is very sturdy. Please do view the pictures so that you can appreciate craftsmanship it took to create this fine piece. Believed to be over 75 years old and would be a wonderful addition to your Primitive collection. Item

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