antique pure brass large crystal chandelier 16 lights,original crystals

For sell is an antique,over 80 years old ,pure brass very large crystal chandelier.SO Beautiful.The chandelier is high in quality. VERY ELEGANT CHANDELIER!
lots of leafs and flowers details on body. Gorgeous sparkle clear color original 2" and 3" crystals.
New white candle covers. All New wire.
The chandelier is in a perfect working condition.
It is 8 arms, with 16 lights,measuring 28"wide and 27" from top to the final crystal.
Very ornate chandelier ,very elegant.Please see the pictures.It is just ripping with crystals.
Each arm has 12 crystals hanging.There are 3 big crystals under each arm.
8 crystals on top,16 crystals on middle brass arms.
Very beautiful chandelier.
Please remember that is a vintage chandelier,original patina with some age discolorations, but has NO damage.
Just imagine this beauty in you home.Perfect chandelier for your living room,dining room, bedroom or any room,it comes with an amazing brass ceiling cap and a chain.
This chandelier will look amazing in your home.Original finish.
I will remove all of the crystals and ARMS for shipping and packed them separate.
The chandelier is in a box and ready to ship.It is 40+ pounds heavy.
Thank you for looking on my item.
I am shipping only with
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