Antique cannonball brass bed. Size is queen. I purchased it in the early eighties from Frye's Antiques in Ligonier, PA. I had Eighteenth Century Hardware in Derry, PA. clean and lacquer it so it doesn't need polishing and is easy to take care of. They also converted the frame to a queen size and put in a center rail. This bed is heavy and solid, it's on casters so it's easy to move around for cleaning. The height of the headboard is 61 inches, height of the footboard is 42 inches. The four end posts are 9 1/2 inches round, the balls are 15 1/2 inches round, all other posts are 6 1/2 inches round. Additional photos available. If you have the right size room this is a nice piece of furniture to display, would also be great for in a bed and breakfast. I personally have never seen a cannonball bed of this quality elsew It's worth a lot more than the starting price, let's find it a great home!!!!! UPS claims that they can ship this item!!!