ANTIQUE QUILT TOP ~ Fabulous prints!! c. mid1800

relisted with international shipping option ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mid-1800's quilt TOP 64" x 82"
A collection of wonderful 1800's cotton prints
2 outer-edge corner blocks sneaked in from the 1930's
don't ask me how, but they're there --in the southwest corner
Do zoom in the inspect the great variety of old heart-warming prints and colors
a true scrap basket creation
unwashed / unused --
I say unused because of the general condition and 'feel'; however,
I've noted a few little threads around the edges where it may have been attached to something, maybe a border
no signs of ever having been tied
this beauty speaks for itself
It IS a true New England treasure of a quilt TOP ..........
International bidders welcome
satisfaction guaranteed always
actual postage to be shown on pkg; any excess paid to be refunded p.d.q.
Many thanks!
I've been told so many times over the past 15 years on eBay that my descriptions don't yell loudly enough and that the quilt is way better than described
sooo, please remember this. My descriptions are conservative..most of the time :-)