Antique Radio Speaker Grille Cloth, Soldier Brown ,18 X 24, Free Shipping

New patterns are becoming available.... as we are planning for change you can find these and other designs by reading below in green
"Soldier Brown" One of our first generic cloth designs!
The photo is displayed to show the beauty of the pattern design and color
However , as usual,..the camera doesn't quite capture the true elegance of this cloth.

18" X 24"

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Thank you all,... for your support !! Installation Instructions Mist the back of the cloth lightly with a water spray. Using an iron on low to medium heat,.. smooth the cloth if necessary,.. but do not iron it dry. You want the cloth to be damp during the process, so it shrinks as it dries. Make sure your pattern is aligned straight with the edge of your board before performing the glue application. Then use 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, and spray the edge of the board and about an inch wide band , around the face side outer edge of the speaker board,... not all over it. This leaves the cloth free to stretch in the field. As you stretch the cloth gently, top to bottom
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