A unique bar item made by the Napier Co.

It is made of silver and is a tea spoon, a 1 1/2 ounce jigger, and a bottle opener combined .

The length is 9 1/4 inches and engraved on the item (see pics) is "NAPIER PAT. APPLIED FOR".

The item is in excellent condition and has not been polished or cleaned. Included below the pictures is some info on the Napier Company that was researched.

A rare and unique piece for brewania, barware memorabilia collectors.

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We do however know about the assignee, the Napier Company. This extraordinary company began in 1875 as Whitney and Rice based in North Attleboro, Massachusetts manufacturing gilt men's watch chains. In 1882 the company changed hands and became Carpenter and Bliss and shortly afterwards E.A. Bliss and Co., Inc. The company expanded rapidly during the 1880s and moved to Meriden Connecticut in 1890. In 1920 James Napier became president and the company adopted the name Napier - Bliss

James Napier was greatly influenced by European manufacturers and even had an office in Paris to keep an eye on the new fashion trends. Under his influence the company shifted emphasis from gilt and silver products to the production of modern jewelry. Napier regarded their jewelry as 'fashion' rather than 'costume' and fashion jewelry was thought of within the industry at the time to be of superior quality and certainly more prestigious than costume jewelry.

His designers traveled to London, Florence and Paris in search of inspiration and Napier presented five collections a year, manufacturing for high end boutiques (Ref: Melinda L. Abbott personal interview). Almost all of the jewelry was made in quantities of less than five hundred pieces per design and is now highly prized by collectors.

The company excelled from the 1920âe(tm)s to the late 1950âe(tm)s and into the early 1960âe(tm)s until James Napier retired at which time the company began to slowly fall into decline. In 1974 cast white metal and model making took over from hand made pieces and the company went from bad to worse finally being sold to Victoria & Co. Ltd in March 1999. Unfortunately the companyâe(tm)s manufacturing facility in Meriden was closed at the same time.

Napier is now owned and operated under the corporate umbrella of Jones Apparel Group New York, along with other well known brands like Anne Klein, Bandolino and Nine West and its jewelry is still being manufactured and distributed today. The company has become amazingly successful again, this time selling mass produced fashion accessories, mostly gold and silver plated chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

So we are fairly sure that in 1939 Rettenmeyer's patent âe~display article holder' was showing off to advantage the Napier company's latest fashion jewelry, probably at the five annual presentations of their collection.

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