Antique *RAWLEIGHS LINIMENT* Medicine Bottle - OLD RARE

Offering this Odd & Rare "Borrowed Company Bottle" ??? *RAWLEIGH'S LINIMENT* Medicine Bottle. It has a Rawleigh's Co. Freeport Ill. Label on the Front, and it has Embossed Lettering on the Back Reading: Furst-McNess Co. Freeport, Ill. Not Knowing why this Old Medicine Bottle was Labeled Differently then its Embossed Lettering, I Did a Bit of Research on Line Over a Year Ago. I was also Able to Talk with Martha Furst. She is an Elderly Woman who is the President & Chief Executive Officer at Furst-McNess Company of Freeport, Ill., and She is Also the Grand Daughter of Frank Furst, One of the Founders of the Furst-McNess Company. is the Story if I Remember it Correctly from My Small bit of Research, and from My Phone Conversation with Martha Furst. Both the Drug/Medicine Companies, Rawleigh's, and Furst-McNess, were Operating in Freeport, Ill. at the Same Time. All being in the Same Type of Business, Frank Furst & Frederick McNess, were Friends with W.T. Rawleigh. The Only Logical Reason that We Could Guess for this Bottle to be Labeled the Way it is, is that the Rawleigh's Co. must have Been Short of Bottles for Bottling, and Borrowed Bottles from the Furst-McNess Co.. Also Myself nor Martha could Figure Why this Bottle has a Metal Ring Around the Neck. A Marker of Some Type, or Part of the Old Cork Seal. Basically,

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