Antique Red Seal Marshmallow Tin, held 10 pounds - NR

Here is a high quality metal food tin that is also a rather large tin, great for displaying in a kitchen where you would have multiple tins stacked on each other. This would be a great base piece since it is 12 3/4 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches tall. The image is printed on both sides and each are preserved very nicely. You can even display this where both sides can been seen, many times one side looks bad which gets turned to the back but this piece looks nice either way. Plus the lid is with this tin as many times in antique stores I see them without the lid since they often times got damaged or lost.
This tin advertised that there was 10 pounds of Red Seal Marshmallows in the tin. They were made by the Littlefield & Steere Company of Knoxville, TN. I wish there was some kind of date on this but I don't see one.
Shipping will be either by USPS Priority Mail or by FedEx Ground. It all depends on your zip code and how far you are from me. Shipping will be $9.95 and will include insurance on the first $100 in value. Nobody likes to pay extra for shipping so naming one price if I can get it to you via Priority that is how it will go but if not then FedEx will be the next cost effective way of getting it to you.