Antique REDWARE POTTERY Bundt Pan 443

Dimensions: L x W x H (inches) = 9x9x4 Condition: Shows age crazing. All items are in good condition unless indicated otherwise. Most items might need a cleaning after you get them. I'm not an expert on a lot of things I list, so if you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail before you bid, although I'm not always online, so please be patient if I don't get back to you right away.

Shipping Cost: - Paid by Buyer - Based on Size Of Box, Weight & Destination. Every package we ship has tracking. If you would like a guestimate, please ask, but exact cost would not be known until the item is packaged up. Shipping price is NOT based on the final selling price of the item. Buyer does have option to arrange pick-up with own carrier. We ship worldwide.

Insurance: - Yes, required & purchased by Buyer protect both Buyer & Seller

Handling Fee: - Yes, minimum $2 , more for large items orders

Refund Policy: - None, All items are sold as is, no refunds.

If you don't agree with the terms of this listing please don't bid, otherwise expect 100% satisfaction

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