Antique Replica of FBI J.Edgar Hoover Credentials

NOTE: I have been asked about the legality of my law enforcement memorabilia listings including this one. The applicable law is HR 4827 P.L. 106-547. There are two parts to this law. The first part dealing with real or counterfeit badges, or other Identification materials, makes it illegal to use these items in an unlawful manner, for example impersonating an officer. However the other part of this law specifically allows the possession of real or counterfeit law enforcement and Intelligence Agent badges, identifications and other document if they are use in the following manner: This is detailed as follows as to the use of such items. They are exclude when used: 1. as a momento, or in a collection or exhibit. 2. for decorative purposes, 3 for a dramatic presentation such as a theatre, film or television 4. for any other recreational purposes. Therefore all of my items fall into the lawful category and you can .

Included iin this listing are 4 items.

1. The FederalBureauOfInvestigation J Edgar Hoover credentials as the Director

2. The predecessor the BureauOfInvestigation Credentials of J Edgar Hoover as Director

3. A framable glossy photo of the old style BureauOfInvestigatinBadge with the signature of J. Edgar Hoover underneath

4. A framable glossy printed biography of J. Edgar Hoover
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