Antique restored/refinished Monitor trunk/chest

Up for auction is an antique Monitor trunk. I am normally a refinisher of trunks not a restorer but when I found this trunk it begged to be restored to what it may have looked like over a hundred years ago. Every aspect of this trunk has been addressed. All rust was removed, bare metal primed and then painted with quality paint and then sealed. The green in the pics is actually slightly darker than it appears because of the flash. Pic #9(frontal view) most acurately depicts the color. I normally do not use paint on a trunk but a mentor of mine once said if it was painted originally then its okay to paint now. The hardware in this case was not originally painted with gold leaf paint but it did have a thin film of gold something or other that was half worn off so we went ahead and used the gold leaf paint. Since the trunk is over a hundred years old the metal does show some wear, dings in places and some pitting in others. Overall it is in great shape. The interior of the trunk was not restored but rather refinished. All old paper removed, the wood sanded and then sealed. The little door in the lid was originally made of cardboard which was discarded and replaced with one made of oak. The original lithograph was saved on the right side of the lid. The tray is original but a repair was made on the right side of the high part due to ... read more