Antique Rigat Rigart Rubus Violin Petersburg 1850

Antique rigart rubus petersburg 1850 violin from an estate. When i purchased it i was told that it set in a barn on a farm for a very long time. I took it into a man that makes and repairs violins. He said that the rounded edges and the age of this violin make it very collectable. He also said the edges are about 95% good which is rare for this type of violin. Picture 8 shows the area which has just a slight issue and picture 9 shows a 2" line that goes from the edge of the violin into the body. Not sure if it was a crack at one time but he said that if it was its been repaired and its not a weak spot at all. Some other things he said were that he thought the neck may have had repair at one time but that it looked good and solid, the wood looked good on the body of the violin, it needs new strings, theres a lot of varnish under the bridge, and it needs a good cleaning. He also gave me a price value of $400 to $800 for the violin. There are 3 extra keys in the case. The case is wood and has a lot of vintage wear to it. It has a couple of hooks that keep it closed and one of them is missing. The violin itself is about 23 1/4" in length, 8 1/4" wide at its widest point, and 1 3/8" around the rounded edges in height and about 2 1/4" in height at its widest point. There is no bow included. Insurance will be included in the shipping price. ... read more