Antique ROCKFORD WATCHES Tip Tray - A Beauty

Antique ROCKFORD WATCHES Tip Tray - A Beauty

is an outstanding advertising tip tray promoting ROCKFORD HIGH GRADE WATCHES. It measures 4 7/8" tall x 3 3/8" wide by 1/4" deep. It was manufactured by the H.D. Beach Co., Coschoton, Oh. as printed on the bottom right corner under the woman's dress. The jeweler or watch sellers name O. NELSON of Peshtico, Wisconsin is printed at the bottom of the tray.

CONDITION: T are no dings, dents or scratches and the color is fabulous. T is a very small blob of corrosion close to the maker's name. The verso shows light wear on the edges. This is a fantastic old tray.

HISTORY OF ROCKFORD WATCH CO. - (from ) The Rockford Watch Company, located 93 miles from Chicago on the Rock River, began operation in 1873 using equipment purchased from the Cornell Watch Company. Two of Cornell's former employees, P. H. Wheeler (Wheeler's Patent, etc) and C. W. Parker became key employees of Rockford. Their factory building was built in 1875-76, and was located on the 300 block of South Madison in Rockford (parts of the original factory building were later used by Rockford High School).

Their first watch, a key-wind, 18-size, full plate with expansion balance was placed on the market on May 1, 1876. By 1877, the company was producing its own 3/4 plate nickel movements

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