Antique Rockingham Pitcher Hound Handle Hunting Dogs!

Antique Rockingham Style Pitcher ~ Jug

Hound Handle, Deer Bear Hound Dog Hunt

Detailed Functional Art Pottery


This slick dark mahagany reddish brown Rockingham Glaze Pitcher or Jug portrays a hunt scene . The handle looks like it might be a wolfhound or a greyhound as do the pictures portrayed on the sides.

I Found what appears to be this same pitcher in The Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, 2006 page 328. The design motif looks exactly the same from the side shown in the picture as I looked at it with a magnifying glass and the pictures match. If it is this pitcher shown, it is called the Hound Handled Molded Rockingham Pitcher and is dated at 18690 and is thought to be made at the West Troy Factory, Troy New York.

List book value t is $275.00. I am begining the auction of this great old relief molded rockingham pitcher far less than a quarter of that book value.

T is a wooded area or forest with hunting dogs attacking a bear in one scene (looks like a grizzly), and a deer (looks like a stag) in another. I don't think this is an antique pottery such as stoneware, as the piece is not real heavy (weighing just under 2 lbs).

It does appear to be old, but it is unmarked so I cannot verify the maker or date made.
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