Antique Rogers Silver Plate Cow moon Cat dog Alphabet


3moon Precious Silver Plated Antique childs plate cow jumps over the moon Alphabet

Antique Silver child's plate very nice cow jumps over the moon with the Alphabet on the border, wonderful whimsical animals on this and a banner ribbon with the words HEY DIDDLE DIDDlE.. Dog howling at the moon w hile cow jumps over the moon as cat plays the fiddle and the spoon runs off with the plate!! Wonderful nursery rhyme from long ago, still popular today!!

VERY GOOD CONDITION and of course being of such age, not perfect, Silver plate with WM A ROGERS 494 on the back..Measures almost 6 inches in diameter, tarnished and I did not clean this up..very old with a few scratches..wonderful alphabet letters around the border and such wonderful illustrations carved into the silver plate of happy smiling cow jumping over the moon, dog sitting up on hind legs barking, (doggie looks like a spaniel hound sporting dog) plate with big smile and eyes and the spoon wearing a dress running off with the plate!! fuzzy kitty cat plays the fiddle!! very nice!!

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