THIS IS A VERY RARE AND BEAUTIFUL BRASS COFFEE TABLE OR FURITURE TABLE WITH WOODEN LEGS. I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE WHAT COUNTRY ITS FROM BUT I THINK ITS ASIAN. I DO KNOW THAT IT WAS PURCHASED OVERSEAS BY MY LATE GRANDMOTHER IN THE 1950'S OR 1960'S. I WISH SOMEONE OUT THERE WOULD TELL ME MORE ABOUT THEM PLEASE. The Brass Table is in Excellent condition for its age. The Round Brass table top is a little warped due to its size and age. It does have the small shift in the one legS. The shift is not as big as it looks in the picture. Its only 1/8 " tall by 1/4" to 3/8 " wide. You can tell most of this from my pictures. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I HAVE OVER 800 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS FOR MY EBAY STORE. Thanks for Looking !!!