Antique Royal Dux Vase

Antique Royal Dux 9' Art Nouveau Vase Offering a beautiful Antique Royal Dux 9' Art Nouveau Vase. The marking is smudged (factory) but reads "Royal Dux" Austria. Photo on far right is an example of a clear stamp (same mark).
§ Condition: It is in excellent condition with no signs of damage and no scratching.
§ Age: The approximate age of the item is, circa 1900-1915.
§ Markings: It is marked on the bottom with the Royal Dux stamp.
§ Country of Origin: This item was made in Austria.
§ Material: The material is porcelain/pottery.
§ Measurements: The item measures about 9" high and 3-1/2" in diameter at the rim.
§ Weight: The item weight without shipping materials is about 12 ozs.
Click On Thumbnails To Enlarge PLEASE NOTE: The items we offer for sale are antiques or vintage collectibles. These items were produced using manufacturing techniques that allowed for great variations in quality and imperfections were common. While we take great care to note damage and wear, please understand that many items can have minor manufacturing flaws. As a volume seller we just cannot take time to mention every tiny glaze skip/pop, mold mark, air bubble, firing line, straw mark, or variation in color. We will be happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Also, additional photos can be made
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