8 Antique RUBY Flash GOLD Etching "Remember Me" Victorian SAYINGS Water GLASSES

Several years ago when I started to clean out my grandparents home, I located these eight (8) ruby flash SENTIMENTAL Sayings tumblers / water glasses in the back of the big dutch cupboard,with a black cloth over them. I almost missed them in the back. I can for absolute sure, that the cloth was placed over them, so there would be no shiny items seen in the cabinet.
That's why I am also certain that these beautiful glasses had to be a gift from let's say an " English " friend (non Pa. Dutch) who perhaps might have gone down to the old Atlantic City, or, could have brought them from Germany with them as a souvenir . But, I truly believe they were from the ALLENTOWN FAIR in Allentown, Pa. Of course I am just assuming, but, I know back in the heyday my nanas family sold jars of pickles, sweets, jams, etc at the fair. As with most true Pennsylvania Dutch folks, we/ they are "savers" especially saving anything "for good" in the hopes that maybe one day you will find the right time to use the item. This theory is why my mom passed with 40 packs of cellophane wrapped "new sheets" that she was saving to use one day.
But, I digress, as I pulled the glasses out of the cabinet, only one looked like it had been used, as the center ruby flash is nearly gone. Inside that glass was a small one sentence note that my nana had put in the
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