Antique Sad Iron circa 1800's great patina fruit design

This is what I think is an antique Sad Iron. this iron is not marked . This iron is unique and has a very interesting design on the top. The design is of flowers etc that that a 3 d look. This iron is very dusty and it is hard to make out but it is very different from the others. My mother had all her irons on top of a cabinet in her laundry room. I am leaving the cleaning up to you because I do not know much about antiques and the patina etc. I am afraid I will do something wrong. This iron is very heavy ( about 6 pounds) The handle is NOT removable. The total piece including the handle is iron. I imagine this is from the 1800's . I know it has lots of age because some of them were even my great grandmothers... I will include tracing or insurance in the shipping cost. Multiple purchases will be combined to reduce shipping cost. ( If you buy several irons the savings on shipping is huge in the flat rate box.