antique rare salesman toy cast iron stove trim parts Mt Penn Royal Esther Penna

For sale are many trim parts for a rare toy or as some call it, a salesman sample cast iron wood coal stove range. this is a rare to find & highly collectible little cookstove, it was made by the Mt Penn Stove works of Reading Pennsylvania. the name of it is a "Royal Esther" same name as the full size kitchen range they made. it's pictured in the early 1890's catalog of theirs. I used to own a 1893 catalog & it was pictured in that book. I used to own 1 of these rare beauties, it was complete & it sold for $4000. these parts are what's left of a broken one I found many yrs ago in Pa that are not damaged.. the only piece damaged is the little fancy insert that fits inside the water reservoir front panel. the little "lug-hole" thing on the backside is half broken, the piece is there for it as you can see in 1 of the pictures & could be spot-tacked back. everything else is perfect with no cracks or chips.., I saved these parts & had them beadblasted, incase I were to find another stove that was missing a few parts, as is most often the case. this was a long time ago & some of them have some light oxidation on them, some I had painted with a light coat of stove paint. the pics show condition well enough.. . the key here is the doors, door insert panels that were originally nickel plated, the rare fancy oven rack, ... read more