SALESMAN'S SAMPLE BED WITH SILK UPHOLSTERYOriginal finish. Note carving on posts. Original slats fit into indentations on the frame. Typical of truely antique silk, there are issues. If you like shabby chic, it's perfect. If not, it represents a bit of a project. 28" high at the head. 22.75" wide. 36.5" long. Photographed with a standard chair to help you visualize the size. Easily disassembled and assembled for shipping or storage. Weighs nearly 18 lbs. Every attempt will be made to keep the packing weight as low as possible while still shipping well-protected. Hopefully it will be less than quoted. Only actual postage will be charged. Bed is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Buyer is welcome to pick up. All four original metal casters are attached and in working order. One post has damage, as shown. There have been no repairs. No odors. The back of the headboard and the inside of the footboard are upholstered but not tufted. ++++++++ YOUR QUESTIONS ARE EXPECTED AND WELCOME. THOSE ASKED BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF AUCTION ARE GUARANTEED AN ANSWER. PAYPAL PAYMENT IS OPTIONAL.