Antique Samurai Kiyochika Japanese Woodblock Print #1

Up for bid is one of three original antique ninteenth century K. Kiyochika Japanese hand colored woodblock prints. Kiyochika (1847 - 1915) was at the forefront of figural print genre. These stunning prints from the kabuki, daily life, portraits of courtesans and samurai and famous scenes of Japan were hugely popular and they are today by collectors. New releases by the most famous artists were so anticipated that buyers lined up the morning a print was to be first offered. These beautiful antique prints are treasures from the Edo culture in its most decadent period. From portraits of stunning beauties to scenes of fighting samurai, these prints transport the viewer to another time, a place as compelling as it is unusual to us in the modern world.

Low opening bid, no reserve- These original antique prints are starting at a super low opening bid. Similar prints are regularly sold in the $550 - $700 range. Bid now to win an original antique Japanese print for your home, office, or collection.

The woodcuts have been framed, and are somewhat difficult to extricate in some cases. Due to the delicacy of the woodcuts, the framer taped the cuts to a backing of some sort, to secure the piece. The one listed is the only that was removed from the frame, and it has a small tear in the lower right side (see pic). The others were
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