If you are looking for old - you've found it. This Savory roaster has what I call a double wall, which was found in many old roasters. The rim and wall that the roaster sits on, that you can see from the outside, has, on the inside, a hollow space next to the real bottom of the roaster that holds the actual turkey. They were built this way for more even circulation of heat. I have 3 different-sized Savory roasters up with the same design. The graniteware look to this roaster isn't like the bigger white spots of newer graniteware, it looks like it in the photo, but actually the spots are very small. Now, being old, it is used. T are a few dings w a spot is worn through the enamel. The bottom of the inside has a kind of dull polish to it from so much use over so many years. T is some remaining residue on the bottom rimwall and the sides of the real bottom. 'SAVORY' is in raised letters - rather worn. The size is 14 1/2 x 9 1/4 x about 7. This is for a smaller turkey. Many of our customers, as we sell a lot of vintage kitchenware, are looking for an object with a history which they can continue. Well, it is. If you win, do not pay by Ebay's automatic system. Wait for our invoice before you pay. We prefer PayPal. Happy Autumn !!