Antique? Schoenhut 15 Key Upright Child's Piano

This is a Schoenhut 15 key upright child's piano that I believe may be antique in age. It is approximately 16.25" long, 8.25" wide, and 11.25" high. The left hand "F" and "B" keys do not sound. The "G" and "A" key between these two need to be pushed hard to sound and are a little flat. The rest of the keys sound relatively easily and have good resonance. The top front folds up on hinges to reveal the inner hardware. A few of the metal bars have some very spotty light surface rust. There is a split and splinter in the wood on the left top front edge. The split is several inches long but very thin. There is a missing piece of the right front foot where the round ball piece of the foot has split off. The missing piece is not included. The rest of the wood has some scuffs and worn spots on corners and edges and several light scrapes and numerous scuffs on the flat surfaces. The underside of the piano is left unfifished. The front print is crackled and chipped on both the left and right sides above the keys with a few loose flakes remaining. The main center section of the print is in generally good to very good condition but there are a few small raised and bubbled areas there also. A few of the nails are lifted slightly out of the surface of the wood. I do not know if all nails are original. The front lid piece has one small nail

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have before bidding.

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