Antique Seed Cleaner

Old Monitor Seed Seperator. Manufactured by Huntley Man. Feed Co. Silver Creek, N.Y. Patented Dec. 20 1898. Selling this seed cleaner for my place at work. They did use it years ago. Has a lot of screens for it. Needs to be picked up as it is very heavy. Size is 100in. high and 100in. long. made out of Maple. Will hold for 30 days if needed. E-mail for questions. Thanks. Cash, m/o or check that has to wait to clear Sorry no pay pal.. Brush drive shaft has been machined. This machine will work. It has a pallet full of screens, small grains, clover. No problems loading, have forklifts and loading dock. 3ph, 3hp, 220 volt, 1200 rpm motor. Can put single phase on it. The owner said that this was called a Scalping Machine on the east coast ports to clean grain before it went over seas. They hope to find a good home for it, as it is a piece of history. Thanks.