Antique Seth Thomas ADAMANTINE Mantel Clock

You are bidding on an Antique "Seth Thomas" ADAMANTINE Mantel Clock with Movement No. 119 (LABEL No. 295 G). It is in beautiful condition but does show some wear. It measures 18" wide by 11" high by 7" deep and weighs 11 pounds. The original DIRECTIONS label is attached to the back of the clock and is still quite legible. Apparently the ADAMANTINE CLOCK was patented on September 7, 1880. AND, we have to share this as we got such a kick out of the information provided. According to the label, the finish used is very durable, will not chip, and cannot be scratched or dented by any ordinary usage. Also, it can be washed or otherwise cleaned without detriment or injury to polish. And apparently t is some truth to this advertising as the clock's finish really is in great shape.

We tested the clock to see if it would run / chime. However, we didn't go far w/the testing as we didn't want to harm what appears to be a pretty amazing clock. The key fits both the left and right hole on the faceplate. We were able to wind both sides of the clock and when we did, the bands inside the clock's mechanism tightened w/each turn. The pendulum moved back and forth but didn't hold its momemtum for long i.e., it ticked for about 30 seconds to 1 minute then just stopped. Hopefully, a clock expert would know how to make the necessary adjustment
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