Antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantle Clock (Fully Restored)

Here we have for auction at NO RESERVE a beautiful Seth Thomas Adamantine mantle clock. I rarely offer my restored clocks without a reserve price, but I thought I will leave it up to clock buyers this time. This is a 5 day auction.

I have been restoring antique clocks for over 40 years. Unlike other "clock restorers" selling on ebay, I do top quality work. Unlike others, I do NOT spray paint, or "gold or copper leaf: the hardware on these beautiful clocks, and claim that they have been restored to "original". Seth Thomas never did this, and neither do I. It makes me sick to see this type of fraud going on, but there is nothing I can do about it, but hope that selective clock collectors and selective buyers realize that there are scammers on ebay.

This clock was made circa 1904. Some of these clocks had a date code on the bottom, but some do not. This is one that doesn't, but I've worked on several hundred of these clocks, and know them quite well. The movement of this clock was completely disassembled and all parts ultrasonically cleaned. ALL worn bushings have been PROPERLY replaced with Swiss bronze bushings. I say PROPERLY replaced, because so many other "restorers" don't.

The mainsprings have been cleaned and lubricated with new mainspring lubricant. The movement bushings have been lubricated with high quality
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