This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION!! The lucky highest bidder will receive this beautiful 15 day time and strike Seth Thomas & Sons Statue Mantel Clock, also called a shelf clock. This clock, model No. 8030, is pictured in Tran Duy Ly's Seth Thomas Book on pg.1053 and shows this model was first made in 1874. It is made of cast white metal called spelter, and is in fabulous condition and will become the focal point of any room that it's displayed in! Talk about an attention getter! The ORIGINAL Seth Thomas and Sons stamped brass movement has been properly serviced, (Completely disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, worn pivots bushed, reassembled, pivots oiled, then adjusted to run and strike perfectly), and has been keeping accurate time on my shelf for a month or so between bi-weekly windings. The movement serial number is 9105, making this one of the earlier movements produced. This is a very strong running clock, and it is over 130 years old! The ORIGINAL brass bezel door with the ORIGINAL deeply beveled crystal still snaps tightly clocsed over the ORIGINAL porcelain dial which is in fabulous shape, with NO cracks and just a few minor flea bites around the winding holes. The ORIGINAL hands, and pendulum bob still adorn the clock (very unusual). The ORIGINAL back door remains, and covers the access to the movement, which is clearly

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