Antique Sheffield Silverplate Teapot & Warmer MH&Co

Antique 1860s Old Sheffield Silverplate

Teapot w/ Warmer - MH&Co.

This is a beautiful antique Old Sheffield silverplate teapot with warmer. It has an ornate open work design on the base and a standing lion (??) and "VINCIT" engraved on one side of the teapot. This is a beautiful example of old Sheffield plate ... don't miss this great teapot.

This has a tilting teapot with the pot hinged to the base. The handle has wicker covering the silver for easy grasping. The teapot has two removeable pins to connect it to the base. Take one pin out and the teapot tips to pour. Take both out and the teapot can be removed totally from the base. The base has a Viking face on both sides, with a scrolled design on the handle and fancy feet. Very detailed workmanship ... check it out!!

The teapot and warming stand are 12" tall to the top of the handle. The base is three footed with the bottom of the feet being flat for better stability. The teapot itself is 8" wide (with the spout) and 8 1/4" tall. The bottom of the teapot is stamped with multiple hallmarks. We're not sure of the age of this teapot, but we know from one of the marks: MH&CO, that the silversmith was Martin Hall & Co., c. 1860, and they are known for making early Sheffield plate.

This beautiful silver teapot and warmer are in
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