Antique Shur-Stop Fire Extinguisher Kit glass grenades

you're bidding on a vintage Shur-Stop Fire Extinguisher Kit made by International Fire Equipment Corp.
The box was mounted on a wall and in case of fire, you would throw them at the base of the fire to put it out.
Red metal box measures approx 12.5 in wide x 8.5 high x 6.75 deep
In GOOD original condition: NO rust, NO damage, minor paint loss, color is NICE and red (looks washed out in the pic)
The kit includes 6 glass antique fire extinguishers.
Balls are in GREAT condition: NO breaks, NO cracks, NO chips.
They've still got the ORIGINAL liquid inside.
(the liquid is water - NO chemicals)
Each glass ball measures approx 5 inches wide x 6 inches tall.
A very cool & very collectible piece of fire fighting memorabilia.
Due to the fact that these things are very fragile, I will need to remove the extinguishers from the metal case & wrap each extinguisher separately in bubble wrap.
I do not believe the Post Office allows liquids to be sent through the mail so these will have to be sent via UPS. I may send the glass extinguishers in 1 box and the metal box in another if it is better to protect them. In that case, the metal box can be sent via the Post Office and the extinguishers via UPS.
This is a heavy item filled with liquid. It will have to be specially packed and shipped
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