Antique Signed WILLS Victorian Lady Oil Painting on Celluloid in Celluloid frame

Here is an exceptionally beautiful oil portrait - An antique, ca. 1860-1880 original painting on celluloid of a lovely lady dressed like Victorian royalty in velvet, lace, pearl necklace, earrings and an ornate headband with a ruby centerpiece. She has eyes of an intense blue and dark red lips. This enchanting portrait is housed in the original celluloid frame with the inner matting lined with with brown velveteen and a brass oval with bubble glass over the painting. To the lower right is a signature of the artist "Wills". The painting sight measures approximately 3-1/2" high x 2-2/4"wide, (or 8.89 cm high x 6.985 cm wide) in frame approximately 6-3/4" high x 6" wide (17.145 cm high x 15.24 cm high). Celluloid is without cracks or chips, with the exception of one "ding" on the lower right hand corner of frame. The paint on both portrait and frame is without peel. The frame is in the original finish, of "faux ivory" celluloid with tiny specks of brown, a green accent line on outer edge, and gold inner and outer edges.
I believe this could be the work of Irish dramatist, novelist and painter W. G. Wills, who for a period, attempted to make a career as an artist. He set up as a portrait-painter in 1868. Despite limited artistic training, he had some success, but his disorderly lifestyle and reputation for missing appointments
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