This auction is for a lovely antique silk velvet textile fragment salvaged from a circa late 20s dress. The shade is a golden/pea green and the texture is dreamy soft. Its pile is very close to the surface and it has a rayon blend to the silk, which gives it this wonderful fluid drape as you can see in the first photo. This is not like the velvets today, in which it is 87" rayon and 13" silk. One will absolutely love the feel and texture of this. It is very suitable for doll clothing. This is a full sleeve with a seamline and two snaps at the wrist. The velvet is in quite good condition, however, due to age, t are some discoloration streaks If you want this to be perfect, then please do not bid, since I do not want you to be unhappy with this. It is rare to find this lovely shade; it complements golden and green shades very well. It measures approximately (details and more photos on Friday). Note: The photos were taken in natural daylight. S&H is $2.00

This lovely textile measures 19" in length from the inside of the arm down to the end of the wrist. The wrist has a 2 1/4" slit in its design with two snaps for closure. It also has a 2 3/4" hemline. If measuring from the outside of the sleeve at the very top to the bottom of sleeve it is approximately 27.5" in length. About 2.5" of it is gatd at the elbow on one side near

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